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PITCH PERFECT: ODI EDITION media competition.

Current college students and recent grads - what’s your BIG IDEA IN MEDIA? A new company, show, App, or platform? Do you want the extraordinary opportunity to pitch your media idea to a jury of media executives who are tasked with green-lighting projects? Join us on November 2, 2018, Schimmel Center at Pace University, NYC, for the One Day Immersion in Media, Entertainment and Technologyconference, in association with Pace University’s Lubin School of Business, and enter our PITCH PERFECT: ODI EDITION media competition.

This year's conference theme is Navigating Disruption. Cool right? We'll be talking about disruption throughout the course of the day, including career paths and how the industry stays competitive and on top.

We get it – the last thing you’re thinking about during the summer break is working on a project. But you’re not the average student. You see this as an opportunity to test yourself and see how far your idea will go, so go for it!This is an awesome opportunity to put yourselves in front of media executives, gain great experience in public speaking, build your confidence and improve your ability to develop a clear message. Plus, your team could win up to $2,000 .

Submit your media idea for One Day Immersion in Media, Entertainment and Technology’s PITCH PERFECT: ODI EDITION collegiate media team competition. All entries will be reviewed and pre-qualified by an all-star judging panel from the ODI pool of top media executives. (Jury members to be announced later this summer!) The top six teams will present in person at this year’s ODI conference.


  • You are pitching The Next Big Thing in Mediato our panel of experts. As stated above, this could mean a new App, series, platform, tech solution, business, measurement mechanism, or something EVEN WE CAN’T IMAGINE.
  • A team can be a minimum of two people and a maximum of four people.
  • Fifty (50) percent of a two-person team, sixty-six (66) percent of a three-member team, and seventy-five (75) percent of a four-member team must be current college students. Recent graduates are eligible as a team member, IF they have graduated no more than six-months from the November 2, 2018 event date. All team members will be validated.
  • STEP ONE :
    • Each team must first submit a media pitch ideain the form of a two-minute summary video. Think of it as your elevator speech. Intro your team and tell us your idea.
    • All entries must be received by Friday, October 5, 2018 – 11:59pm ET / 10:59pm CT / 9:59pm MT / 8:59pm PT
    • All entries must be submitted in digital video format to .
    • Only ONE entry per team is allowed for the two-minute pitch video.
  • The ODI Jury will review each two-minute media pitch idea submission and choose the top SIX teams to present at the November 2, 2018 conference in New York. (The four-member ODI Jury will be announced later this summer.)
    • Eligible two-minute pitches will be assigned a numeric score (1-10, lowest to highest) by a panel of qualified independent judges recruited by ODI.
    • Criteria for the two-minute pitch is, Creativity, Clarity and Viability.
    • The top six teams must present a full FIVE-MINUTE media pitch in person at the November 2, 2018 ODI conference. The presentations will be in front of the jury, audience and viewers watching our live video stream. Your team will be timed.
    • The pitch must be presented by a minimum of 50% of the team. Of course, a full team, (minimum of two, maximum of four), is encouraged to participate, but we understand that school schedules can take priority.
      • Only ONE entry per team is allowed for the five-minute pitch video.
    • The format of the five-minute media pitch presentation is completely up to each team, so be super creative while staying professional.
    • Presentation formats can include:
      • Video
      • PowerPoint
      • Props
      • Skits
      • Audience participation
      • Music performance
      • Imagine the possibilities!
    • The five-minute media pitch must include ALLthe following Competition Components:
      • Mission – What problem does the idea solve? Whether it’s a consumer problem like the paradox of choice, or a business problem like ad skipping, we want to know beyond making money; what is the mission of your Big Media Idea?
      • Competition/Disruptors – Who are the incumbents in your chosen market sector? What white space have they left for you to explore? What are the external threats to your idea and plan?
      • Research – What resources were used to help develop your project?
      • Budget – Put together a reasonable budget that covers all development and launch costs.
      • Marketing – Think about your audience, how do you intend to market your project? Who is this for? Is this a B2C or B2B concept? What is the potential size of the market you’ve identified, in terms of number of users and potential revenue?
    • After each five-minute media pitch presentation, the ODI four-member Jury will have up to FOURminutes total to critique and ask questions.
      • Teams will be scored on the following criteria:
        • Clarity
        • Creativity
        • Viability
        • Five Competition Componentsincluded in each pitch (see above)
        • Eligible five-minute pitches will be assigned a numeric score (1-10, lowest to highest) by a panel of qualified independent judges recruited by ODI.


(Note: All prizes are per team, not per person)

  • GOLD
  • SILVERteam will receive a total of $1,000.
  • BRONZEteam will receive a total of $500.
  • RUNNERS-UPteam(s) will receive a total of $150.
  • And let’s be clear – all teams will have the amazing opportunity to have face-time with top media pros. Big win for everyone!


  • This must be a good idea that is feasible, and you must be able to demonstrate the viability of your idea.
  • Recruit a diverse team to develop your pitch. Consider pulling together creative, business, and tech-oriented talent.
  • Use this opportunity to the fullest. You are being judged by top media executives who greenlight content – in the real world! Pitches need to be professional, well thought out, and communicated clearly.
  • Read the trades, i.e. – Multichannel News, The Hollywood Reporter, Cynopsis, Broadcasting and Cable, Variety, to name a few. They can inspire the development of your ideas.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Unless you’re a pro at improvising, don’t make the mistake of ‘winging it’ at the event.


  • Monday, July 16, 2018
    Competition Opens

  • Friday, October 5, 2018 11:59pm ET / 10:59pm CT / 9:59pm MT / 8:59pm PT
    All entries of the two-minute media pitch idea must be received. Videos to be sent to

  • Friday, October 5, 2018 through Monday, October 29, 2018
    ADVICE: Teams should have their five-minute pitches completed and are editing and practicing during this time frame.

  • Saturday, October 6 – Saturday, October 13, 2018
    ODI Jury to review all two-minute entries. Monday, October 15, 2018 Top six teams are contacted as finalists.

  • Monday, October 15, 2018
    Top six teams are contacted as finalists and should be editing and practicing their five-minute pitch. ODI will post all submissions for guests to view on it's website as part of the competition's process.

  • Friday, October 19, 2018
    Presentation times will be communicated to each team.

  • Tuesday, October 30, 2018 5:00pm ET / 4:00pm CT / 3:00pm MT / 2:00pm PT
    All five-minute video and PowerPoint presentations must be received. They will be tested and ensured for quality before the November 2, 2018 event. Submit videos and PowerPoint presentations to Dolly Wolf - Friday, November 2, 2018 Top six teams will present in person their full five-minute pitch at the ODI conference.

  • Friday, November 9, 2018
    Prizes, in the form of a check, will be sent by priority mail to an appointed team lead.


  • One Day Immersion in Media, Entertainment and Technology, also known as ODI, determines that:
    • Proof that you uploaded an Entry does not constitute proof or evidence that it was received within the Entry Period or eligible for the Competition. Only Entries timely received will be considered.
    • ODI reserves the right to disqualify an Entry in whole or in part, at any time during the Competition, for any reason, within their absolute discretion.
    • If the Entry is not in the spirit of the Competition, is not compliant with these guidelines, is perceived to have a detrimental impact on this competition, contains any obscene, offensive, derogatory, defamatory, hateful, sexually explicit, suggestive, violent, unsafe, illegal or otherwise inappropriate content and/or activity as determined by ODI, in its absolute discretion, the Entry will be disqualified.
    • Professionally created, enhanced or touched-up videos will be disqualified. ODI is not responsible for infringement of any content not protected.
    • By entering the competition, you represent and warrant that the entire Entry is your original work made specifically for this competition and has not been previously published, displayed or submitted for any other contest or promotion; that you obtained and currently holds valid and sufficient world-wide rights, including third party intellectual property rights, and all other rights, licenses, permissions and consents necessary to submit the entry; the entry does not include third-party content (such as writing, poetry, text, graphics, artwork, logos, photographs, posters, dialogue from plays, likeness of any third party, musical recording, clips of videos, television programs or motion pictures) in or in connection with it.
    • ODI DOES NOTprovide travel expenses for teams to attend the November 2, 2018 pitch competition.
    • ODI WILL NOTreimburse any travel or costs associated with the competition, should the competition be cancelled.
    • ODI has the right to revise and amend these competition guidelines, at any time without notice.
    • ODI reserves the right to cancel the entire competition due to factors beyond our control, i.e. a Force Majeure event.
    • "Force Majeure Event"means the occurrence of:
    • (a) a strike or strikes or other industrial action or blockade or embargo or any other form of civil disturbance (whether lawful or not), in each case affecting on a general basis the industry related to the affected Services and which is not attributable to any unreasonable action or inaction on the part of the Company or any of its Subcontractors or suppliers and the settlement of which is beyond the reasonable control of all such persons;
    • (b) specific incidents of exceptional adverse weather conditions
    • (c) discontinuation of electricity supply not covered by the agreement concluded with the [utility company]; or
    • (d) other unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of the Parties against which it would have been unreasonable for the affected party to take precautions and which the affected party cannot avoid even by using its best efforts
    • ODI, nor any of its participants, (jury members), DO NOTown ideas/intellectual property submitted or presented at the conference. If a jury member is interested in talking further about teams proposed idea, that will be up to the jury member to approach the team, and up to the team to decide if they want to meet with the jury member.
    • ODI will post all submissions for guests to view on it’s website as part of the competition’s process by October 15, 2018.


  • Send your questions to Dolly Wolf, ODI producer –
  • Jury members to be announced later this summer.

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Meet the Pitch Perfect Jury

Craig Parks

Craig Parks
Entertainment and Media Executive

Craig Parks, entertainment and digital media executive, was most recently the VP of Programming, Editorial, and Operations for Watchable, Comcast’s over-the-top video platform dedicated to the best digital shows and brands. At Watchable, Parks led the team that identifies and on-boards new shows and partners, and programs the content via playlists and featured placement across Watchable’s web, mobile, and TV platforms. Read more about Craig Parks

michael smith

Michael Smith
Entertainment and Media Executive

Michael Smith was most recently with Scripps Networks since 1998 and worked company wide to develop new lifestyle digital video business opportunities that helped Scripps Networks expand its reach to new audiences via over-the-top (OTT) and direct-to-consumer distribution models. Read more about Michael Smith

rebecca paoletti

Rebecaa Paoletti
CEO, Co-Founder, Cake Works

Rebecca Paoletti is an industry-leading expert in digital video strategy and monetization with 17 years’ experience in digital media. Read more about Rebecca Paoletti