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2014 Student Stars

 NOVA Student Ambassador Background, As Told By Professor Holsonbake

Allow me to present:
Bilal ElCapitan140x200Bilal Yamak - Bilal was an ambassador last year and Dolly Wolf requested him to return. She made a great impression on her. However, he did on me as well. Last year's team was NOT the best we have ever sent, so you can thank Bilal and September ( whom I will introduce next) for our being asked to return. Bilal is a perfectionist- with a keen eye for detail and he always does what he says he will. He is low key and calm on the outside- which is great in a leader- no "drama" - and he as the maturity to set his own needs aside and focus on the needs of others. He is highly intelligent and creative and has a great sense of humor. He cares about others and about the quality of his work! WOW!


September1140x200pxSeptember Blue is fiercely loyal and one of the most determined people you will ever meet. She has a great inner strength to overcome obstacles and gets the job done. She is a powerhouse. She also has quite a flair for theatre, a great laugh and a fabulous sense of humor. She is a team player to the max. She really made an impression on Dolly as well and Dolly asked for her to return. WOW! I am glad. She is an asset. I love working with her.



Jeneba2140x200pxJeneba Kosia is URBAN COOL SOPHISTICATED- She is NYC- She is mellow on the surface, but always wants it done right. She is a truly vibrant personality and knows how to connect to others. She has a true interest in Media, has been an intern at B. E. T. and is an outstanding writer. Jeneba also has a genuine sense of service to others and a depth of soul for caring. You won't have to deal with a big ego, though she has a true flair for dramatics as well. Her compassion, sense of humor, and urban cool will make a great impression on the folks at ODI


Babsi1140x200pxBarbara Elan
( BABSI) is the energizer bunny. Babsi carried an entire class last semester with her positive and strong leadership and energy. You cannot beat her smile! She will lift you up no matter what- truly unselfish, enthusiastic and always ready to make it happen, she will be such a great source of strength to us. She is the consummate team player. You could not ask for more. I know her high energy, outstanding smile and sincere ability to connect with others will make a big splash.


Santino1140x200pxSantino Fernandez
is the real deal when it comes to creativity in media. He is a film and media major. I was thrilled to learn that he was still at NOVA and qualified for this group. I have never had Santino in a class but got to know him because he came into the classroom right after mine. I was immediately drawn to his knowledge, intellect, creativity, humor and high energy. He is ambitious and will no doubt make a great impression on those at ODI. His photography skills are already serving us well. He is a welcomed addition. Santigo has been a real leader at NOVA and deserves this trip. I sincerely hope he finds inspiration and useful networking.


Margaret2140x200pxMargaret Villalobos
was my student last semester. She stood out as a leader intellectually, always had a probing question or insightful comment to add to class discussion. I became truly impressed with her after I learned of her passion for working with Immigrants and her political interests. She has a true sense of service that is so necessary for any successful mission of this kind. I am hoping that she can gain insight on this trip that can help her with her causes. She, too, is genuinely interested in others and is sure to be a hit on the team.


Celena1140x200Celena Gonzales
I have just met- but she is a stand out. Always positive, glorious smile, ability to put others at ease, confident. I am also pleased that she is very interested in a career in media and has worked as an intern at Telemundo, where she was very favorably received. She is outgoing to the max with a sincere interest in others. She is highly professional. I am delighted that she accepted a position, know she was just the right choice to add as a rookie team member and I am so looking forward to getting to know her better.


Colleen2140x200Colleen Bass
is a most impressive young woman who is wise beyond her years. She has already created an activist organization for abused children in Foster Care. That is enough to show why she is a stand out- but that is not all- she continually brings depth and deep insight into class discussion, has a most professional manner and is also a TRUE team player. She brings a dimension of depth and service to this team that will be terrific. I hope she finds avenues at the conference that will open doors in her creative mind.





 A very special THANK YOU to our One Day Immersion Student Ambassadors from Northern Virginia Community College, lead by Professor Lucy Holsonbake. The leadership of NOVA clearly puts their students first.

Student ambassador group photo. students from Northern Virginia community college L to R names: Santino Fernandez, Jeneba Kosia, Celena Gonzales, Barbara Elian, September Blue, Margaret Villalobos, Colleen Bass, Bilal Yamak

From Left to Right: Santino Fernandez, Jeneba Kosia, Celena Gonzalez, Barbara Elian,
September Blue, Margaret Villalobos, Colleen Bass and Bilal Yamak.

Jannelle Forbes
Jannelle Forbes