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2015 Denver Student Stars

Student Ambassadors are an integral part of One Day Immersion.  The Student Ambassadors are going to be very busy with their assignments throughout the day, and making sure that all attendees are given an optimal customer experience. They'll also be tweeting and sharing photos throughout the day - but this is a job, and I'm confident they're up for the challenge.

Welcome 2015 Denver Student Ambassadors!

Denica Nyagolova

Team Lead

Denica NyagolovaA native of Bulgaria, Denica has been studying in the US since 2008, and currently attends the University of Denver. She is a masters in communications candidate, focusing on public relations, marketing and new media.

Denica managed a food channel in Bulgaria for 3 years with Fox International Channels. She’s interested in a broadcasting internship opportunity, and hopes to find her dream job in media.

Raine Giorgio

Founder of NerdNest

Raine Giorgio Raine is Founder of NerdNest, the world’s first social media app and microblogging site that satisfies all the needs and desires of the culturally powerful and growing fandom universe. NerdNest is an innovative, engaging & fun place for fans to create & share their favorite, nerd-based fandom content including photos, gifs, videos, & written content related to sci-fi, comics & anime.

Created with girls & young women in mind, as a safe haven for them to satisfy their fandom appetites; We are a positively transformative community for young women that see themselves as a part of the medium to create a fandom space that is more open & Inclusive, while functionally intuitive to navigate. NerdNest is in beta and will be in Apple and Android app stores later in 2015.

Raine is responsible for the company’s vision, strategic direction, and overall product development. As a member of the fangirl community, she is incredibly passionate about the fate of her fangirl sisters. When she saw the way that her community had been marginalized to the fringes of the internet, she knew that something had to change. NerdNest was created to be the first safe and inclusive place for fangirls to gather and exert their collective, creative force.

Daeun Yoo

Daeun YooDaeun Yoo Daeun Yoo is an attending Junior at the University of Colorado at Denver. Her love for storytelling led her down the path of pursuing a degree in Film and Television at the University of Colorado in Denver. Daeun's interests range from music to writing. Daeun is an audio technician on the weekends for live band performances; when she is not attending school or working her two part time jobs, she is busy managing the media team at her local church. A cup of coffee in the morning keeps her going and she views a consistently busy schedule as a blessing. In the future, Daeun looks forward to working with people who, like her, have a passion for filmmaking.

Weston Eckloff

Weston EckloffWeston Eckloff, a senior attending the University of Denver, is enrolled in the Daniels College of Business where he looks to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration along with minors in Film Studies and Construction Management in the spring of 2016.

Eckloff, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, likes to consider himself a Renaissance Man in the making. Along with being a full-time student, he hosts a show at the college radio station, KXDU, and holds the position of Assistant Marketing Manager to the station. He is an active brother and committee chairman of the nationally acclaimed Gamma Lambda chapter of the Theta Chi fraternity. Eckloff also enjoys playing in intramural sports on campus and exploring his passions in the voiceover and film industries.